divendres, 6 de maig de 2011


  1.  Estaba parlan amb el janitor i amb fa preguntes
  2. desprès em diu que m´he d'anar el despatx del docotor 
  3. quant vaig arribar el despatx desprès amb diu que continue 
  4. quant estan parlan estan parlan de vampirs 
  5. la enfermera i el docort estan palan amb unes noies per donar-les un medicament per convertir-les en vampirs, desprès va saber que la seva germana estaba aqui.
  6. amb va trucarel doctor amb va dir que m'he danar a la tenda d'esports per comprar una llança per agafar les claus.
  7. Quan vaig arribar a la tenda no tenia diners per comprar la llança i tornant a sortir per cambiar el chec per diners i vaig anar el banc i baig cambiar el chec.
  8. desprès vaig tornar el despatx del doctor per agafar les claus desprès amb va trucar el junitor amb va dir quant agafes les claus he d'anar a comprar el bestit blanc del doctor.


     list the movements in the gamme
  1. He went to hte information desk.
  2. He wastup to tha fast flour, to the duty.
  3. He went in the shop and ask for a person who can help hin.
  4. He went to the passaport control and the fond saldors.
  5. He went back to the duty free shop ar a and tried find the janitor
  6. I went to a restauran to ha diner.

dimecres, 30 de març de 2011


                                             ASK FOR DIRECTIONS
  •  (Excuse-me) How can i get to __________?.             Com puc arribar a ____________?.

                                                  GIVE   DIRECTIONS

  •  Go straight on........                                         passa recte en aquest camí
    •  Go past the first trafic light                               passa el primer semafór  
    •  Turn left                                                          Gira a l'esquerra 
    • Turn rigt                                                           Gira a la dreta
    • Turn halft the roundabout                                  Gira mitge rotonda

    _ (Excuse-me) How can I get to the book store?

    _Go straight on pine street turn right on the Oak Street.

    _ (Excuse-me) How can I get to the jewelry store ?

    _Go straight on the Seconde Avenue  turn right on the forest street after turn left on the Hill Avenue.

      dimarts, 15 de març de 2011


      Would you like to be a vegetarian? Give reasons.
      No, because i perfer non-vegetarian than vegetarian. I like eat meat, fish and eggs and i think in vegetarian food isn't very viatamins.


       what you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday?
      Yesterday, I ate for breakfast: a glass of milk, bread with cheese. For lunch i ate: a plate of rice, chicken's soup,an apple and a glass of orange juice. For dinner i ate: fry potatoes with kecthup, beef , pasta, an orange and a yougurt.
      What do you think, is your diet healthy? Give reasons.
      I think my diet is healthy because acorrding to the pyramid i have to eat 6-11 servings pasta, rice, cereal & bread and 2-3 servings meat, fish dry beans, eggs, nuts etc. I ate only 3 servings but i also ate meat, fruits, vegetables and other servings. So i think my diet is not unhealthy.

      Which is your favourite vegetable?

      My favourite vegetable is the tomato, because it remembers me the summer. The tomato is red. We can eat it bythemself, in slices, tomato ketchup, in salad and we can put it in pasta. My favourite way of eating it is in salad.

      dijous, 24 de febrer de 2011


      http://cataclic.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/im_poma.gifMy favourite fruit is Apple. An apple is red or green. It has peel. We can eat it with peel, without peel, in juice, ice-cream and candies. I like red apple and my favorite way of eating apple is with peel.